Intermission – On Death

Intellectually, I know that life is ephemeral; emotionally, it is rather difficult to accept that.

Recently, I learned of a death of a former colleague – the reaction?  I read the e-mail death announcement over and over again.  I had just met with him three months ago – he had not seemed any different; he still had the vast girth and loud chuckle… the know-it-all demeanor.

Just like that, he was gone.

Is anyone ever really prepared for death?  Prepared for knowing and accepting that, contrary to what religion tells us, there may be nothing to look forward to …

Then again, we do not know where we come from; we certainly do not know where our journey may end.

So, what about Honoria and Frederick?  Death – the consequences of this event affects those who left behind; those who are left behind need to allow the fabric to re-constitute itself, kind of like a wound and the blood clotting.

The question is always asked; the answer never reveals itself.

From the movie, The Portrait of Jennie –

Since time began man has looked into the awesome reaches of infinity and asked the eternal question: What is time? What is life? What is space? What is death? Through a hundred civilizations, philosophers and scientists have come together with answers, but the bewilderment remains… Science tells us that nothing ever dies but only changes, that time itself does not pass but curves around us, and that the past and the future are together at our side for ever. Out of the shadows of knowledge, and out of a painting that hung on a museum wall, comes our story, the truth of which lies not on our screen but in your hearts.


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